Thursday, December 19, 2013

a bit of an update

OK, this blog will continue, but in a different format.  I'm going to shy away from too much politics and news, and stick mostly with humor, recipes, various tidbits, and a few news stories that I feel are worthwhile.
I just don't have the time or energy to keep it moving at it's previous pace.  I've got some new lung issues that I'm on a regimen of heavy antibiotics for treatment, and they aren't the most fun to take.  Not only are they wrecking havoc is my stomach, but they seem to tire me out, bother my heart at times, and just sort of run me down.  I continue to do my 1 day a week volunteering at the local university hospital, and all that walking tires me out too----but I do enjoy doing it.  Most of the tasks are menial, but someone has to do them.  It's amazing to hear that this hospital has over 1400 active volunteers at any one time.  Many are college students planning on a career in medicine, but many former employees. former patients and community members also volunteer in various ways.  It is an awesome program at an even more awesome hospital.  I myself fall into the former (and present) patients and local community members categories.  It's also fun to watch all of the many construction projects going on at this hospital----a huge new state-of-the-art children't hospital is the big one, but they are adding onto several floors in certain wings (horizontally), putting more floors on top of other wings, and simply building new additions.  The eye clinic just got a huge donation from a well-to-do- businessman, and I'm sure they'll be doing some more amazing stuff with that money.  Oh, well......enough of my rambling for tonight. 

Monday, December 9, 2013

Looking For Feedback

OK, I've been lax on this blog lately.  Quite frankly, I was getting burned out because the blog was simply taking too much of my time and my feedback/return was minimal.  I tried to present a variety of articles that I felt most people never would see in the present everyday parrot media. Some of the stories were actually view quite often, nut not many.  Part of my problem with this blog is that it was hard to actually track how many folks were truly visiting and reading.  Maybe that was my own problem for making the type so that it rarely had to be enlarged.  Yet I am not sure as I don't completely understand how Blogger measures actual 'page views.' I have had a few requests to keep this up.  WHAT DO YOU THINK?  And if I do, how could I modify it to give you, as viewers, the type of content you really want?  What types of stories, jokes, and stuff interests you?  I read a great many blogs and news reports and can find quite a variety of things.  Like the recipes?  The jokes?  Don't like anything?  Hey, I'm looking for some feedback here, so if you could spare me a few minutes of your time, I would appreciate it.  Thx