Saturday, August 3, 2013

Georgia Inman and Walker Inman, Heirs Of Duke Fortune, Describe Childhood Abuse In Rolling Stone Interview

Twin teen heirs set to inherit $1 billion say that as children, their father burned them with boiling water and forced them to live in a feces-filled basement, the New York Post reported.

Georgia and Walker Inman III, 15, are the only living heirs of the Duke tobacco fortune, according to Forbes.

Their father, Walker Inman Jr., was the nephew of Doris Duke, once known as "the richest girl in the world," according to Harper's Bazaar.

The teens say they grew up in misery, despite fabulous wealth that allowed them to own a pet lion and bring diamonds to school for show-and-tell. In a Rolling Stone interview published Tuesday, they detailed horrific abuse inflicted on them by their father at their South Carolina mansion before he died of a meth overdose in 2010.

"They stuck my brother and I in hot boiling water in our bath," Georgia Inman said, according to the New York Post. She added, "It felt like our skin was melting off."

The article, titled "Poorest Rich Kids In The World," also includes accounts from employees of the Inman estates. One caretaker noted that "[Their father] made them stay down in the basement all the time … the basement was covered in feces, and it was smeared all over, and it smelled terrible."

Walker Inman III recalled his father setting off tear-gas inside the house in order teach the kids a "safety lesson."

The twins now live with their mother, Daisha Inman in Utah.  for the entire story......