Sunday, October 27, 2013

9 Reasons Why Beer Is Even Better Than You Thought

Happy National Beer Day!

In honor of this great and extremely important holiday, we've decided to round up all the reasons why you should love this awesome drink. It turns out that beer has many uses you may have never known of before. Did you know that in many places in Europe people use it to improve their skin? Read on for more cool facts.

1. First things first, beer + food = perfect harmony.

2. Beer might be more nutritious than other alcohols.

3. You can batter foods in beer.

4. Drinking a beer a day could make you age smarter (if you are a woman).

5. Beer is good for your heart.

6. And it could help prevent kidney stones.

7. It could effectively save your bad hair day.

8. You can bathe in it for better skin. 

9. Last but not least, cooking with beer makes food taste so much better.

Read this interesting article and see the explanations behind these claims.....and pick up some great recipe ideas too.....

 There's an amazing blogger out there named Jackie who goes by "The Beeroness." On her site she explains her inspiration: "Over the years my fascination with beer has evolved into a fixation with creating recipes that highlight and magnify the flavors that Head Brewers spend so much time developing." She creates amazing recipes like these...

Now, go enjoy your beer as much as this parrot does......