Sunday, October 27, 2013

She's at it again! Lady Gaga strips down

She's at it again! Lady Gaga strips down completely nude as she takes inspiration from Botticelli's Birth Of Venus for her new single's artwork

Is that all you have got?

She has always been a bit out of this world, but now Lady Gaga wants fans to come with her to Venus.

Gaga has posed naked for the album cover of her latest single, and while it would be controversial for most artists, for the envelope pushing singer it is almost tame.

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The 27-year-old revealed a first look at the cover art and two separate snippets of her new song Venus.

The constantly changing artist gave fans a first listen to her new disco beat track late on Friday, before releasing a second section in the early hours of Saturday.

Explaining the first snippet, Gaga said on Twitter: 'I wrote 4 hooks in Venus. The snippet is of the first two before the true chorus. The rise before the orgasm.'

While Lady Gaga is hoping to space travel but from the safety of her bed with the line 'Let's blast off to our new dimension (in your bedroom)', her cover art plays homage to one of art's classic images.

Homage to a classic: The Poker Face star takes inspiration from Botticelli's famous Birth Of Venus
Who needs clothes? Lady Gaga released a first look at the cover art and two separate snippets of her new song Venus on Friday night and Saturday morning
Lift off: Lady Gaga sings about space travel and sexy times in the disco track

Taking inspiration from Botticelli's famous Birth Of Venus, a nude Gaga is superimposed in a bathroom with a seashell - which represented a woman's private parts in the great master's day - over her mouth.

Wearing a long blonde wig and almost completely colourless - except for her tattoos - the star looks like a statue.
In the other images, Gaga remains naked, slashed up and with a scorpion on face in one while another features a close up of the singer's chest with a bat pinned to it.

Mad Messiah: Lady Gaga arrived at her London Hotel wearing a spooky see-through dress, white painted bare feet and creepy lenses
Don't fall: Gaga seems to be meditating as she stands on a wall with her arms outstretched
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