Saturday, October 26, 2013

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Worth Reading: Headline Grab-Bag

The LA Times decides it will no longer publish letters to the editor from climate change deniers. Deniers are not happy, but are they ever?

American oil and gas extractors use public lands, but pay precious little for doing so. In Colorado, “the total paid for ground leases came to just over $100 million, a drop in the bucket compared with the revenue oil and gas companies reported in the whole of Colorado that year – well over $9 billion.

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The creator of the open-source operating system Linux admits that the NSA pressured him too—to provide it with a backdoor.

Who gives the big bucks to the hard-core Tea Party Senator Ted Cruz? Some major establishment entities. Check out the list.

More on Cruz and the “radical Christian right” here.

Radio frequency pulses ‘confuse’ a vehicle’s electronics, rendering them temporarily inoperable. Could something similar be used to affect a car’s trajectory? See our stories about the strange death of journalist Michael Hastings, here, here and here.

An organization makes deserts go green. At this website, we learn how you can do that just by digging a long ditch.  Physics (condensation and shade) plus biology take care of the rest in just two years. This could improve the food security of nations (and prevent social/economic/political turbulence by hunger-driven migration.)