Saturday, November 9, 2013

High school player's 176 yard touchdown play gets national attention(VIDEO)

By: Melissa Randall
Twitter: @MelissaARandall
Video of Mount Pleasant High School running back Randolph Zleh's long distance dash to the end zone has gone national. A highlight featuring the Providence athlete was Sports Center's number one play of the day on the ESPN show's countdown Friday.
"I was shocked to hear people calling me, talking about I made it to ESPN," said Zleh.
The play occurred during a match up with East Greenwich on Friday, October 25th. With 3 seconds left in the half the Kilties were looking for a game changer, and that's what they would get. The wild play would take Zleh zigzagging from sideline to sideline while weaving in and out of defenders.
"As I was running I seen the hole and I said let me just hit it and just get this over with," said Zleh who then ran to the end zone for a touchdown.
"When he came off the field I think I needed the oxygen mask," said coach Paul Rao.
The play was 176 yards from catch to completion. It was officially ruled a 64 yard touchdown.
The 17-year-old lives and breaths football, but it's more than a passion.
"I'm also playing for someone I love and for my family," said Zleh.
He's trying to put everyone in a better place. His mom is back in Africa. He dreams of brining her and his family to the U.S., giving them a better future.  
"That's the load that I have to carry. And I'll be willing to carry that load until I make it," said Zleh.
The high school senior talks of college and maybe even going to the pro's, but for now it's about pep rallies, and celebrating big wins with his team. The only down side to all of this is that the Kilties can't use the play anymore. Too many people have seen it.
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