Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Justin Bieber’s Bad Day: Graffiti’s ‘Respect Privacy’ In Rio, Flips The Bird At Paps

Justin Bieber Takes To Rio de Janeiro To Graffiti, Flips The Bird At Paparazzi, And Spray Paints Graffiti In Rio

Justin Bieber’s new-found graffiti hobby, first seen in Colombia, got another practice run in Brazil on Tuesday morning.  The 19-year-old and his crew were spotted on the streets of Rio de Janeiro as they spray-painted along a wall, a mix of pictures and one very specific message from the singer which read, “Respect Privacy.”

According to Brazil news website EGO, the “As Long As You Love Me” singer and his group were filmed by paparazzi throughout their three hour graffiti session, which took place in wee hours of the morning in São Conrado, an area in South Rio.  The outlet reports Bieber and crew arrived at the wall, which is part of the now privately owned old National hotel, around 3 am after leaving the mansion he is staying at in Joah, West Rio.

EGO also report that the Agnews Picture Agency, who bought the pictures taken by the paps, say the photographers were confronted by Bieber’s bodyguards as they took snaps of the singer.

It’s claimed one snapper had his clothes torn during the alleged conflict, while another is claiming a cobblestone was thrown at his vehicle by one of the pop star’s security team.  The website says the photogs left the scene at one point, before returning with police and continuing to take pictures despite apparently expressed annoyance by Bieber and his crew at the intrusion.

The gist of the one of photographers’ claims is that Justin agreed to let them film him meeting fans in exchange for not complaining about their alleged confrontation with his guards. It’s alleged the singer told the paps to “Suck my c**k.” [Some interpretations allege the word "D**k" was used].
EGO state on their website that they contacted South Rio’s police unit, the UPP Rocinha for more information about the alleged confrontation but were told it couldn’t be confirmed or denied among other reasons. The site adds Rio city officials have said graffiti is allowed in some areas but not in others, and were unable to say for sure if Bieber and co. broke the law or not.

As well as his “Respect Privacy” missive, Justin took a leaf out of his buddy Chris Brown’s playbook to paint monster faces. The singer also drew flowers, cartoon faces, a big bird, and wrote the words “Turns Up,” and “Bieberettes” as well as other images.  After his graffiti intensive, Bieber posed with female fans at the wall before returning to his rented, gated mansion in Barra da Tijuca, West Rio. But not before ‘flipping the bird’ at snappers trailing his crew.