Saturday, November 2, 2013

Mom Leads Police On Chase While Children Sit In The Back Seat (VIDEO)

Video shows how she could have hurt or killed a lot of people

Roaring through four different communities at more than 80 mph and veering over double yellow lines into oncoming traffic, 22-year-old Shifra Uzilov attempted to evade police -- all while her two toddlers sat in the back seat.

 As seen in the harrowing video from WXYZ Detroit above, the chase began after Uzilov fled the scene of a wreck she caused in her white Dodge Durango. Dashcam footage from a responding office showed her ignore patrol cars as they approached her vehicle, opting instead to try to outrun them. Through busy main streets, residential roads and even the property of a landscaping company, Uzilov led police on an terrifying high-speed chase, endangering the lives of the officers, local commuters and her 1- and 2-year-old children.

 "Police [said] she could've hurt or killed a lot of people," reported Click On Detroit.

 After finally abandoning her attempt to escape the police's pursuit, Uzilov pulled off to the side of the road, exited her vehicle and started to physically assault the officers, hitting and slapping them. She was arrested and brought to Oakland County jail in Pontiac, Mich., where she was arraigned on charges of fleeing a police officer, malicious destruction of police property, assaulting a police officer, child abuse and failing to stop at a personal injury accident, according to Deadline Detroit.

 Police said that her children were unhurt, just shaken up when they were found and taken out of the car. WXYZ reported that the ordeal started when Uzilov got into an argument with her husband.