Saturday, November 2, 2013

New Record Set For Fastest Cross-Country Road Trip (VIDEO)

Daredevils traveled 2,800 miles in 29 hours

A new record for fastest road trip across America was set on Wednesday when Ed Bolian, a Lamborghini dealer from Atlanta, and his team arrived in Redondo Beach, Calif. just 28 hours and 50 minutes after setting out from New York City.

 According to Google Maps, the trip should have taken 40 hours.

 Bolian, his co-driver Dave Black and support passenger Dan Huang slashed over two hours off the original record set by Alex Roy and Dave Maher of Jalopnik. The crew averaged 98 mph and topped out at 158 in a 2004 Mercedes-Benz CL55 AMG.

 The trio made the record-breaking journey with the help of extra fuel tanks, high quality radar detectors and bedpans to cut down on stops. All told, they experienced just 46 minutes of down time. They did not release their exact route, but did say they followed I-40 for most of the 2,800 mile journey.

 Bolian wrote in a blog post about the trip that their goal was to pay homage to the Cannonball Run, an unofficial coast-to-coast race that took place throughout the 1970s. He also warned that the feat should probably not be repeated.

 "I do not advise that anyone attempt this or break the law in any way. This type of activity could easily have resulted in our death, imprisonment or led to a litany of other consequences," Bolian wrote.