Sunday, November 3, 2013

Now I'm thinking this is a artist!


The gentleman who drew this is Joe Castillo 
 He went to Asbury Theological Seminary.

He did this during a chapel service.  It was fascinating - he told the Gospel story - each part of Jesus' life and he was drawing the story as he told the story.

We didn't realize until the end what the entire picture was.
A rare talent!!!
The rolled away stone of the empty tomb corresponds nicely to where the ear would be, and the stars in the eyes provide a sense of scale for the Star of Bethlehem, which is tucked into the shadow of the nose. I think my favorite touch is using the Sea of Galilee and its mountain backdrop for the right eyebrow.   
Here’s a key to the events depicted, along with each corresponding Bible verse (which I verified separately). I found the information on this tribute site .

Mr. Castillo is known principally as a sand artist. The term conjures up visions of large sculptures at a beach, but what Mr. Castillo does is very different: using his hands, he draws pictures in sand spread on a light table. The images are projected on a screen for the audience.What do you think? Has Joe Castillo crafted something special? Does The Face of Christ speak to you on an artistic or spiritual level?
The 'longer' you look at this picture, the 'more' you see.
Look at the lines the artist used to draw this picture of Christ...
It is of scenes from Christ's life.
I have not seen anything like  this
this was shared with me by a friend in Texas--alexis