Wednesday, November 6, 2013

(PHOTO) Girl Has Sex On Top Of Fraternity House Scanner, Accidentally Scans Ass, Prints Evidence Of Her Discretion,

At a fraternity house at the University of Missouri, members were shocked and amused when they found that the glass of their printer/scanner had been shattered, and an interesting piece of photographic evidence lay beside the remains. The picture was a black-and-white scan of a girl’s bare ass.

From the picture it is evident that the girl was sitting butt naked on the scanner. Rumor has it that she was having sex with one of the fraternity members, and in throes of passion only achievable in the erotic dreamland that is a fraternity’s study room, hopped on top of the scanner for what I can only assume was some pleasurable angling. It was then that her large butt cheek accidentally rolled over the scan button and captured the shot. Take a look for yourself:

 That’s graphic.

Fraternity members say that not only was there broken glass everywhere from the broken scanner, but there were also drips of blood scattered on the floor. Ouch. Karma? Some alum paid good money to have that scanner put there and, well, who am I kidding? He’d probably be proud to know it was taken out of commission in such a fashion.

The fraternity members have not yet identified the culprit, and, unless they ask every girl who visits their house to flash some ass and compare it to the picture, or check for sexual injury scars, I highly doubt they will find any guilty parties. Usually whichever bro pulled this off would brag about it during chapter, but clearly there’s a fine for breaking the scanner involved, because the threat of fines is just about the only time fraternity boys keep their mouths shut. Despite it being unlikely that anyone will find out who broke the scanner, the fraternity is still attempting to find the mystery butt girl with this sign:

We can only hope justice is served, preferably via ridicule.