Saturday, November 2, 2013

World Cup organizers avoid grass problems in Brazil

Brazil has itself yet another issue to deal with in the run up to next year’s World Cup. This time organizers are searching for a way to standardize the pitches for the football tournament. 

The fields at two of the venues used during this year’s Confederations Cup were criticized for being substandard. Those two venues had the sod planted at the last minute, and did not meet the quality level required by FIFA. That could also be a problem next year, as two arenas have yet to plant their turf for the World Cup. Regardless, organizers say they have taken steps to correct the mistakes that were made during the Confederations Cup this summer. 

"Everyone knows about the conditions at the Mane Garrincha stadium and knows that the grass was planted 18 days before the first match which is not ideal, but we can fix that. All recommendations of what needs to be done have been passed on," Frederico Nante, General Manager of World Cup Competition and Team Services, said.

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