Tuesday, October 22, 2013

45 Facts You May Or May Not Find Useful

                                                              this is so very true-alexis

You pick up a lot of information these days, TV, internet, books. There’s a constant flow of news, images and info bombarding us constantly from every side. Sifting through it and finding out if something is true, or false is becoming extremely time consuming as more and more articles are published that seem intent on swaying us in one direction or the other. Here’s a few snippets of info, checked and sorted to save you doing the research. 

It’s a fact that…

1. Bush fires travel faster uphill than down
2. Hurricane lamps work with cooking oil.
3. Super glue will close a skin wound in an emergency.
4. Duct tape and sticks make a very decent splint.
5. Natural sponge can be used as a re-usable feminine hygiene product.
6. Drain Cleaner and bleach mixed together produce chlorine gas.
7. Wasp nest spray has a range of up to 10 feet
8. Wasp nest spray causes temporary blindness if it hits the eyes
9. Wasp nest spray and a lighter make an effective flame thrower.
10. I like wasp nest spray.
11. Plastic bags/food wrap prevent wound infection.
12. Maggots clean infected wounds very effectively.
13. Putting large stones around a wood burner will throw heat back into the room for some hours after the fire is out.
14. Putting tinfoil behind a candle will more than double the heat and light output.
15. Putting a couple of layers of tinfoil behind a wood burner will increase the heat output.
16. A solar still will turn urine or dirty water into drinking water due to evaporation.
17. Elderberry extract has very good anti-viral properties.
18. Cloves relieve toothache.
19. Aloe Vera relieves burns.
20. Natural yogurt relives sunburn and thrush.
21. Cinnamon has antibiotic properties and is a good mouthwash.
22. Flies spread disease. Duct tape makes effective fly paper when hung in a room.
23. Bubonic plague is carried by fleas and is still in circulation in areas such as the Sierra Nevada Mountains.
25. Different mosquitos carry different diseases, they all like standing/stagnant water.
26. Planting herbs and lavender amongst vegetables such as carrots and onions will deter smell aroused pests.
27. The favourite snack of a ladybug is greenfly.
28. Acetaminophen (paracetamol) kills snakes. One 1/4 of a tablet is enough.
29. Green skinned potatoes are poisonous eaten raw.
30. The deadly poison Ricin comes from castor beans from the castor oil plant.
It’s fiction that……
1. Bears can’t climb trees.
2. Drinking your own urine is good for you (yes some people believe it is).
3. Alcohol warms you up when you are cold.
4. Adding salt to vegetables when cooking keeps their colours bright.
5. Sliced onions absorb flu germs.
6. Rubbing vapour rub on your feet stops coughing.
7. Being out in the cold with give you a cold or flu.
8. Reading in bad light will damage your eyesight.
9. Feeding a cold and starving a fever makes the conditions improve.
10. Poison ivy rash is contagious.
11. Shaving makes hairs grow back thicker, they just feel more coarse because they are blunt at the end.
12. Garlic can reduce the duration of a cold (it boosts immunity BEFORE you get sick).
13. Your computer actively works against you (only mine does that).
14. You will drown if you swim directly after eating.
15. Sex standing up prevents pregnancy.

Take Care

from:  http://www.thedailysheeple.com/45-facts-you-may-or-may-not-find-useful