Saturday, October 19, 2013

Injured kangaroo hops into Australian airport

Melbourne airport in Australia had an energetic and somewhat confused visitor, scaring passengers in equal measure.

A kangaroo, hurt and bleeding, made its way inside the Qantas Airways domestic terminal on Wednesday. Once inside, the marsupial, which had been hit by a vehicle at a nearby intersection, made its way into a pharmacy. 
An injured kangaroo hops into Melbourne airport in Australia
Shop workers, Qantas staff and federal police managed to contain the kangaroo in the pharmacy for a couple of hours before wildlife officers arrived. Two rescue volunteers tranquillized the animal and took it to a vet for treatment. 

There has been an increase in such incidents in recent years. Anaylsts say this is due to expanded human activities which have invaded the species' habitats.

Rescue volunteers tranquillized the kangaroo and took it to a vet for treatment. for their television news report